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BNK coach Park Jung-eun wished Busan BNK and Busan KCC to win together.

As KCC moves to Busan, BNK and KCC are using the same home court. It became the first brother and sister club in KBL-WKBL history.

The entire BNK team visited the KCC home opening game, and the KCC coaching staff and key players visited the BNK home opening game. They strengthened their friendship with each other.

BNK and KCC played at the same venue on the same day. On November 25, they faced Bucheon Hana One Q and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan, respectively.

Then, Lagan-ah (199 cm, C) sent her a coffee truck to cheer for her. The content of the cheer was simple. It was a win between BNK and KCC. However, Lagan-ah’s wish did not come true. Both BNK and KCC lost. They had to leave the court bitterly.

And on Dec. 17. BNK and KCC will play again on the same day in the same place. BNK will face Shinhan Bank in Incheon, and KCC will meet Sono in Goyang. Both teams are hoping for a ‘win with Busan-related teams.’

This time, BNK coach Park Jung-eun sent a coffee car at his own expense. The core contents of the coffee car are ‘We are Busan Siblings’ and ‘We are one team BUSAN’. And ‘Today is a Victory Day. Today is BNK KCC’s day. Busan’s slide, BNKCC’ was written as an additional content.

In short, it is a joint victory between BNK and KCC. In particular, BNK wants to win more than ever. This is because they have to get out of five consecutive losses. BNK players’ desperation will be greater than ever.

Meanwhile, the match between BNK and Shinhan Bank begins at 2 p.m. KCC and Sono will play from 6 p.m.


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