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Korean Air coach Tilkainen said, “There is a millimeter difference between winning and losing Now prepare for the championship game.”

Korean Air, lucky to lose 4th straight regular season as Woori Card lost
Coach Tilkainen watching the game

Coach Tommy Tilikainen ranked first in the regular league in all three seasons he took charge of Korean Air.

At the moment when first place in the third regular season was confirmed, coach Tilikainen was not on the court, but at the hotel.

He honestly said through the club, “It was stressful watching the game where another team decided our first place.”

Woori Card, which was competing with Korean Air for first place, lost with a set score of 2-3 in the final regular league game against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 16th.

Korean Air, which had already completed its regular league schedule, gave its players a ‘vacation’, and coach Tilkainen watched the Woori Card-Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance match on TV at his residence.

After a close battle in the full set, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance took on Woori Card (70 points, 23 wins, 13 losses), and Korean Air (71 points, 23 wins, 13 losses) rose to first place in the regular league by one point.

Korean Air achieved four consecutive regular league wins from the 2020-2021 season to this season.

Coach Tilikainen, who took the helm of Korean Air in the 2021-2022 season, led the team to a high-flying flight to first place in the regular league for three consecutive seasons.

The biggest challenge was this season.

Having the first place in the regular league decided by someone else’s hands was a huge stress for coach Tilkainen.

However, the fruit was just as sweet.

Coach Tilkainen encouraging his players

Coach Tilkainen said, “I am grateful to the team and everyone involved in the club. I also congratulate them. Winning and losing are like millimeters apart,” and added, “It was stressful to watch the game where another team decided our first place. Still, we “The first step has been completed,” he said.

By miraculously rising to first place in the regular league, coach Tillikainen took the opportunity to win the club’s combined championship for four consecutive years (first place in the regular league and win the championship game) and his own third consecutive year.

He pledged, “I will prepare to create new history in the championship game.”

If Coach Tilkainen achieves his goal, Korean Air will become the first V-League team to win the combined championship for four consecutive years.

Finland-born coach Tilikainen is reaching the peak of his coaching career in Korea.

He is satisfied with his life in Korea, saying several times, “I really like living in Korea. Incheon is my second hometown.”

As Coach Tilikainen started the ‘Korean Air Dynasty’, the views of volleyball fans who had put a question mark on foreign head coaches also changed.

Coach Tilkainen, born in 1987, views players without prejudice.He also maintains an ‘appropriate’ distance from his players.

Setters Han Seon-su and Yoo Kwang-woo were born in 1985 and are two years older than coach Tilkainen.

On the court, coach Tilikainen nags Yu Kwang-woo, a ‘senior volleyball player’, to the point of annoyance, but off the court he maintains a horizontal practice.

Coach Tilkainen changed the culture of Korean Air, and Korean Air showed off its status as the ‘strongest team’ this season as well. 스포츠토토

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