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Lingard, ‘home sweet home’…vacationing in the UK, enters ‘daughter idiot’ mode after “fluffy” reviews

Jesse Lingard has stepped foot on British soil for the first time in about a month.

On his personal social media accounts, Lingard shared a photo of himself with his daughter on Monday (Sept. 19) with the caption, “I’m back home to my princess.”

Lingard is a former Premier League (PL) youth player for Manchester United, and has played for teams that soccer fans will recognize, including Manchester United, West Ham United, and Nottingham Forest. Lingard has been recognized for his offensive talents in England, 카지노사이트 scoring 58 goals and providing 37 assists.

That’s why he’s joined FC Seoul this season. “I had offers from a lot of clubs and leagues last summer,” Lingard said at his signing press conference. One of the reasons I chose FC Seoul was that the other clubs only wanted to sign a verbal contract. FC Seoul, on the other hand, put a contract on paper and traveled to Manchester, so I didn’t consider any other clubs,” he said of his move to Seoul.

He made his debut. Lingard made his K League debut in the opening match of the season against Gwangju FC, coming on as a second-half substitute. In the home opener against Incheon United, he came on as a first-half substitute in the 30th minute and energized the team’s offense with his flashy movements and intelligent passing.

He also came on as a substitute against Jeju United on the 16th. However, he didn’t show much and failed to score an offensive point. This angered coach Kim Ki-dong. After the game, Kim Ki-dong said, “I thought a lot about taking Lingard off again. In the past, I would have taken him out, but I thought about it a lot, and then the time was up.”

When asked about why he wanted to take Lingard off, Kim said, “I don’t think he’s a soccer player if he doesn’t fight, runs around, and plays less than the player who played 90 minutes. If that’s the case, I’ll bring in a retired player. I’m going to tell Lingard exactly what to do and we’re meeting once a day. Talk is cheap, but it has to be backed up by action. We will make him fit into the team.”

It could be construed as a public sniping comment, but it was a public declaration by Kim that he was trying to tame Lingard. Kim has been known to use a mix of carrots and sticks to get the best out of his players since his days as head coach of the Pohang Steelers, so it’s likely that Lingard’s methods are designed to bring out the best in him.

First, Lingard was given time off when the K League went on a two-week break for the A-Match break. After the A-Match break, Seoul will travel to Gangwon FC on March 31st. During that time, head coach Kim Ki-dong granted Lingard a vacation.

Lingard left for England shortly afterward. When Lingard moved to Seoul, he was separated from his family for a while. After about a month, he was reunited with his daughter and they are having a great time. On social media, Lingard shared photos of her playing basketball, bowling, and more with her daughter. Lingard will return to Seoul for the K-League’s fourth round match against Gangwon FC on March 31st.

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