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I’m tired of glass body Lisandro, so I decided to change the defense

Manchester United (Manchester United) will start changing its defense this summer.

The British media Daily Mail reported on the 4th (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United is ready to invest £122 million (about 208 billion won) to recruit three players who will lead the defense reform this summer.”

Manchester United has enjoyed disappointing results this season. Having played 29 matches in the Premier League, Manchester United is ranking sixth with 15 wins, three draws and 11 losses, earning only 48 points.

Defense anxiety is pointed out as one of Manchester United’s problems. Lisandro Martinez, Raphael Varane and Harry Maguire were injured alternately this season, and they rarely maintained a stable defensive organization.

A major shake-up is likely this summer. Manchester United does not plan to hold on to Varane, who is about to expire this summer. Saudi Arabia is also being mentioned as Varane’s likely next destination.

There is another Manchester United defender whose future is uncertain. Johnny Evans is also set to expire this summer. Evans is reportedly considering retiring from active duty as early as this summer.

“I can’t trust the rest of the players. Lisandro has been suffering from injuries all season. He showed the best performance since last season, but lost his credibility due to frequent injuries.

Recruitment of a new center back has emerged as Manchester United’s homework. Harry Maguire and Viktor Lindelof cannot be guaranteed to remain, so it is essential to recruit a replacement to fill the gap.

Candidates for recruitment have been revealed in detail. According to the latest report, Manchester United plans to recruit Jared Branthwaite (21, Everton), Aaron Anselmino (18, Boca Juniors), and Mikayle Faye (19, Barcelona) this summer.

Branswaite is recognized as a talent who will grow into a top center back in the future. He not only has the power to meet his 195-centimeter 안전한 파워볼사이트 physique but also has the ability to select a location cleverly and take control of the right to offer.

Enormous transfer fees are inevitable to recruit players. “Manchester United will have to pay at least 80 million pounds (about 136.4 billion won) to recruit Brandwaite this summer,” the Daily Mail said.

Anselmino was mentioned as another candidate for recruitment. Anselmino is considered a center back with high growth potential in the future. It is expected that it will be relatively easy to recruit because it is only £17 million (about 28.9 billion won) in buyout.

Faye has also emerged as a potential recruit for Manchester United. Faye is regarded as a center back who will shoulder Barcelona’s future. It is said that he will need a transfer fee of at least £25 million (W42.6 billion) to recruit him.


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