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Korea Ski Association Jangbae International Roller Competition Opens “Best for Winter Sports Development”

3 days and 2 nights at the Alpensia Cross Country Stadium

The Gangwon Provincial Development Corporation (CEO Oh Seung-jae) has begun supporting athletes participating in the “27th Korea Ski Association Jangbae International Ski Federation (FIS) Roller Competition”.

According to the Gangwon Development Corporation on Wednesday, the tournament will be held at the Alpensia Cross-Country Stadium, which is operated by the corporation for the purpose of successfully hosting the 2024 Gangwon Youth Winter Olympics and expanding the infrastructure and base of unpopular sports.

In preparation for the event, the KOC has carried out road paving work in advance and received approval from the FIS as an international standard course.

In addition, the company held meetings with athletes and officials from each sport to improve facilities centered on athletes.

In addition, the corporation worked with the Olympic snowboarding venue management partners to provide beverage support and prize money worth KRW 3 million to encourage the athletes and officials.

“We hope that the Corporation’s support for the competition will help the athletes improve their performance,” said Oh Seung-jae, President of the Gangwon Provincial Development Corporation. 토토사이트 “We will do our best to foster the link between daily and professional sports and develop winter sports by actively utilizing the Olympic legacy.”

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