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Badminton Federation removes skirt requirement for female players Human Rights Committee “welcomes correction of discrimination”

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The Korea Unemployed Badminton Federation, which had planned to require female players to wear sleeveless tops and skirts, has dropped the rule following an investigation by the National Human Rights Commission.

The HRC said on Wednesday that the federation voluntarily removed the regulation after receiving a complaint that it was discriminating against female players by requiring them to wear skirts in competitions, and that the case was “resolved during the investigation.

According to the HRC, the federation organized the A tournament and stated in the participation guidelines that “female athletes are required to wear skirts. The federation did not originally have a rule against female players wearing sleeveless tops and skirts, but it reportedly added the rule when it decided to broadcast the A competition on TV.

When the Human Rights Commission investigated, the federation decided that the dress code was inappropriate because it objectified women’s bodies and removed the sleeveless tops and skirts.

“We welcome the federation’s voluntary correction of its discriminatory behavior,” 한국야동 the HRC said, “and we will continue to pay attention and make efforts to ensure that all competitions are gender equality-oriented and human rights-friendly.”

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