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“Nervous in the 9th episode? Not a little.” Director Hong Won-ki’s bitter smile…”Ball ball ball ball ball ” 3 runs in innings” Ju Seung-woo’s 1st division is canceled

Kiwoom Heroes won 10-8 in the 10th game of the season against Lotte Giants in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 9th, barely avoiding the “shame” of the most consecutive losses since the club’s foundation.

Kiwoom dominated the game from the beginning of the game thanks to Lotte’s fielders’ pouring mistakes the previous day (9th). He started the game with the first run, but tied the score based on Lotte shortstop Nico Goodrum’s mistake in the bottom of the second inning, and scored five points in the bottom of the third inning due to a throwing error by first baseman Ko Seung-min. And in the fourth inning, Song Sung-moon’s push-out walk and Lee Joo-hyung’s two-run double widened the gap to 9-1. However, the process of closing the game was the “worst.”

Kiwoom was leading 10-3 before the defense began in the top of the ninth inning, where a “catastrophic” almost came out. Joo Seung-woo, who put in to close the game, caught two out counts well and gave up three consecutive walks, causing a full base crisis with no outs. Kiwoom, whose feet were on fire, tried to end the game by putting in Lee Myung-jong, but after being hit by Ahn Chi-hong, he was shaken greatly by dedicating a push-out walk to Yoon Dong-hee.

Feeling a sense of crisis, Kiwoom put in Lim Chang-min, the “closer,” but could not be relieved until the end. Lim Chang-min allowed a two-run double to Park Seung-wook with two outs and a full base, and faced a situation where he could not guarantee a victory as he was chased 10-8 by a timely hit by pinch hitter Jung Hoon. Fortunately, however, he succeeded in escaping the swamp of nine consecutive losses by turning Roh Jin-hyuk into a fly ball to left field in the following two outs and runners on first and third bases.

How did coach Hong Won-ki watch the game the previous day (9th). The head coach said on the 10th, “It’s hard to cut off (a losing streak),” adding, “There were some unfortunate reversals and games that we gave up easily during the losing streak, but it seems difficult to cut off the losing streak.”

Asked by reporters whether he was nervous in the ninth inning, Hong Won-ki said, “It’s not a little,” adding, “I think yesterday was harder than the period of losing consecutive games.” It is not easy to play baseball. “The more I do it, the more difficult it becomes, and I don’t think there’s anything going the way I’ve decided,” he said with a shy smile. 토토사이트넷

Kiwoom called up Yang Ji-yul and Kim Si-ang on the 10th and took the mound in the ninth inning of the previous day, removing Joo Seung-woo, who had been sluggish with three walks and three runs in ⅔ innings, from the first division. The head coach said, “I’ve shown good performance before, but in the end, I need control to survive in the first division.” No matter how good it was before, it takes skill training to suddenly show such a good performance, he said. “I emphasize it every time to survive and grow in the first division, but control is the most important.”

Meanwhile, Kiwoom formed a starting lineup that led to Lee Yong-kyu (right fielder), Kim Hye-sung (nominated hitter), Ronnie Dawson (left fielder), Song Sung-moon (third baseman), Kim Hwijip (shortstop), Lee Joo-hyung (center fielder), Kim Tae-jin (second baseman), Kim Soo-hwan (1st baseman), and Kim Dong-heon (fourth baseman). Kim Hye-sung, who was hit by a foul ball he hit on the 7th, is expected to play in defense from the 11th as a designated hitter until this day.

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