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Incheon & Pohang are the biggest victims of the FA Cup postponement? I lost both my budget and my physical strength

The postponement of the semifinals of the “2023 Hana One-Q FA Cup” damaged all of the K League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai, Incheon United, Jeju United, and Pohang Steelers. Among them, the damage to the away teams Incheon and Pohang is especially great.
The FA Cup semifinals between Jeonbuk-Incheon and Jeju-Pohang were originally scheduled to be held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium and Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th, respectively. However, the Jeonbuk-Incheon match was postponed in the aftermath of the K-pop concert, the retirement ceremony of 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree. Shortly after the Korea Football Association’s decision to postpone was delivered to the two clubs on the 7th, the venue of the concert was changed from Jeonju World Cup Stadium to Seoul World Cup Stadium, but it was difficult for the Incheon team to withdraw from Jeonju.

The Jeju-Pohang match was postponed when Jeju Island sent an official request for cancellation to the Jeju club an hour before the match was held. The official letter is said to contain concerns about safety problems caused by Typhoon Kanun’s northward movement.

Both Incheon and Pohang had major aftereffects. Incheon booked Jeonju accommodation and training ground for a long time as the 25th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” against Jeonbuk on the 6th and the FA Cup semifinals on the 9th were scheduled one after another at Jeonju World Cup Stadium. However, the budget loss was inevitable as the association withdrew from the accommodation and training center after receiving an official letter from the association on the 7th. I am also worried about managing the players’ physical strength due to the change of the training schedule.

Pohang also scheduled to stay in Jeju from the 7th to the 11th in consideration of the typhoon’s northward movement. However, the postponement of the economy also increased meaningless budget spending. In addition, the weather in Jeju was so calm that both on the day of the game (9th) and the next day (10th). 안전놀이터

Fans are also suffering a lot. Some Incheon fans used their annual leave and booked accommodations for two consecutive games in the previous week, but they turned their steps in vain on the 7th. Pohang fans were also not rewarded for heading to Jeju across the sea was not worthwhile.

Meanwhile, the association said, “When confirming the schedule in the future, we decided to consider the date derived through the agreement of the clubs first.” For now, it is expected to be held on September 9.

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