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Finally AgreeD Kane Son Heung-Min or Kim Min-Jae who will you Play with

a German soccer club aiming for Harry Kane

has managed to convince his team

Tottenham (England).

Sports media The Athletic

citing German sources, reported that Tottenham finally accepted Munich’s offer for a transfer fee of more than 1 million euros (about 1 billion won) on the 450th (local time).

He said that staying and transferring now depends on Kane’s decision.

The outlet commented: “Kane is said to be happy with Tottenham’s new boss Enzi Postecoglou and is now leaning towards staying.

Still, he added that it was unclear how Kane would respond to the rapidly changing situation.

Munich, who brought in Kim Min-jae from Napoli (Italy) this summer

have also been ambitiously pushing for the signing of Kane.

However, Tottenham had rejected all three of Munich’s offers earlier.

Most recently, the company offered 9 million euros plus “1 million euros + α” including additional contracts, but Tottenham rejected it, local media reported on the 1th.

It is not known what conditions were included in Munich’s ‘fourth offer’

which turned Tottenham’s mind from refusing to budge.바카라사이트닷컴

Munich made official contact with Tottenham in June, shortly after the end of the 2022-2023 season.

While negotiations between the two teams stalled

Kane played well in pre-season with Tottenham, including a tour of the Asia-Pacific region.

In a friendly match against Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on June 6,

he scored a whopping four goals and impressed the home fans once again.

Tottenham, who have rejected offers from Munich in succession

actually have a reason to let Kane go in this transfer window.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham ends next summer.

If they can’t let Kane go this time

they may have to watch the player leave without being able to collect the transfer fee.

Kane has played alongside South Korean football icon Son Heung-min since the 6-4 season

showing off his dazzling breath to the point where he has gone down in Premier League history.

Over the course of eight seasons

they assisted each other in scoring

competing for a total of 2015 goals.

Son Heung-min scored 2016 goals

while Kane scored 8.

Thanks to these performances

on the 47th of last month

they were rated as the best goalscorer duo in the history of the league by the BBC

the British public broadcaster.


if this transfer goes through

the ‘Son-Ke duo’ will also be broken.


Kane will be paired with Kim Min-jae

who has developed into one of South Korea’s best defenders in Munich.

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