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“KIM, can start!” The first green light finally came. English media

“Kim, you can play center back”

Finally, a positive outlook. Kim Min-jae could be the first-choice center back at Bayern Munich under Vincent Kompany.

The Mirror, a British soccer publication, reported on Jan. 31 (KST), “Vincent Kompany has been appointed as Bayern Munich’s new manager. Veteran goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, 38, will be a key part of Kompany’s system. One of the first-choice center backs will be Matthijs de Ligt. His center-back partner will be Kim Min-Jae, ahead of Dayo Upamecano and Eric Dier.

Kompany’s appointment was a surprise.

‘Bayer Leverkusen coach Xabi Alonso, Germany coach Julian Nagelsmann and Austria coach Ralf Rangnick all turned down the Bayern Munich job,’ the publication said. Kompany was not Bayern’s first choice, but the Belgian coach “fits very well with Bayern Munich’s playing philosophy and identity,” according to Bayern sporting director Christoph Proint.

Shortly after his appointment, Kompany explained that he likes to play high-possession, creative football. You have to be aggressive and brave on the pitch.

This is quite a strong statement for Kim Min-jae, who under Thomas Tuchel was described as a “greedy defender” for his aggressiveness and boldness.

Clearly, Kompany and Tuchel’s styles are completely different.

There are also rumored signings to support his football philosophy. Crystal Palace“s Adam Watten and Manchester City”s Jack Grealish have been linked to the club.

The outlet said: ‘Manuel Neuer is synonymous with aggressive and courageous behavior on the pitch. Although he is in the final year of his contract, he will be a key part of Kompany’s system. Pavlovic can be a defensive alternative in the back three, while Leroy Sane will be a key attacking resource.

The publication concluded: ‘Here’s how Kompany would like to see his dream starting XI under Kompany. Harry Kane, Jack Grealish, Zane 안전놀이터 and Mkhitaryan up front. Goretzka, Wharton, third. Kimmich, De Ligt, Kim Minjae and Davies in the back four. Neuer in goal,” he said.

In fact, Kim’s position at Bayern Munich has weakened considerably. There were even rumors of a move to his former club Napoli.

This season has been full of twists and turns. After winning the Serie A’s best defender award last year, Kim seemed to be thriving as a center back after moving to the Bundesliga. There was even a controversy about his abuse.

However, after the Asian Cup, his position changed 180 degrees. Bayern Munich retained Matthijs de Ligt, who was a key part of their defense last season, and used winter transfer Eric Dier as their first-choice center back.

Kim Min-jae was under extreme physical pressure after the Asian Cup, and it showed in his poor performances.

In the Champions League quarterfinals, Kim was “witch-hunted”. Two critical defensive mistakes in the first leg. Coach Tuchel 슬롯사이트 criticized him after the game for “playing greedy defense”. Local media also criticized him strongly.

Kim Min-jae’s defensive mistakes were clear. They were inexcusable, but the criticism was too harsh for a player who made a mistake.

Kim Min-jae, who came on as a substitute in the second game, didn’t do anything wrong, but he was blamed for the loss. Tuchel tried to lock down too early and made the inexplicable mercenary move of taking Harry Kane off early. There was also the goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who made some costly mistakes. However, after the introduction of Kim Min-Jae, Real Madrid fought back in earnest. Media outlets in England and Germany criticized Kim Min-jae harshly. However, there was nothing wrong with the goalkeeper’s performance in that game.

Bayern Munich coach Vincent Kompany emphasizes strong forward pressure and quick transitions. Kim Min-jae is a strong defender who plays attacking soccer and has a wide range of defensive abilities.

He’s thrived in Kompany’s system, and most expected him to start next season as a backup center back. However, for the first time, he has been named in the predicted best 11.

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