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‘Automatic Pitch Determination System’

KBO aims to increase the value of the KBO League and resolve fans’ distrust through the introduction of ABS with fairer and more consistent decisions. The company selected in this bidding will be responsible for the overall operation of all related equipment and systems, program development, and data analysis for the stable and smooth introduction of the automatic pitching determination system.

Prior to reviewing the introduction of ABS, KBO analyzed various effects and related data of the automatic pitching decision system on the game along with verifying the stability and accuracy of the system through research and development on step-by-step pilot operations and improvement measures in addition to verifying the stability and accuracy of the system. It also collected opinions from field officials such as the team and the referee.

Recognizing that the introduction of the automatic pitching decision system is a very big part of the baseball game, KBO plans to minimize confusion in the field by conducting detailed reviews and preparations in various ways to prepare for the introduction of KBO exhibition games in 2024.

In addition, prior to the introduction of the exhibition game, education and briefing sessions related to the system for each major target, such as the squad and referees, will be held to help members understand and collect additional opinions. Additional field tests will continue during the off-season, and operational manuals such as strike zone application standards, countermeasures in case of system errors, and detailed operational rules for game application will be summarized through consultation with experts and baseball officials.

KBO plans to closely check and supplement areas that need additional hardware or software improvement during the exhibition game, collect opinions from the team and fans, and prepare for the introduction of the KBO league in 2024.

In this project, you can check the bid proposal notified to the Nara Market operated by the Public Procurement Service, prepare the proposal and necessary documents, and visit the KBO operating team (6th floor) by 11:30 a.m. on the 28th. Mail, e-mail, and fax applications are not available, and proposals are available only to companies that are eligible to participate.

In addition, KBO will hold a business briefing session at the KBO Secretariat on the 10th for companies qualified to participate in the bidding to help understand the project and procedure. Companies wishing to attend must receive prior application and approval by 10:00 a.m. on the 9th after confirming the bid proposal. Detailed application methods and information on the project related to attending the business briefing session can be found through the bid proposal.


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