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“It’s just a practice game, but it feels good”

Kiwoom Heroes’ Lee Joo-hyung (23) hits a home run to start the season.

Kiwoom lost 2-12 against the Zhongxin Brothers on Friday at CTBC Park in Pingtung, Taiwan. It was their second straight loss in a scrimmage, following an 8-10 loss to Zhongxin on the 23rd.

Although the team lost, Lee Joo-hyung, who is expected to be the “post Lee Jung-hoo” this year, showed good hitting. In the top of the first inning, following a solo home run by foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson, Lee Joo-hyung made a back-to-back home run with a cool swing, sending the ball over the fence.

After going 0-for-2 in a doubleheader on April 23, Lee went 1-for-2 with a double, a home run, a home run, one RBI and one run scored, 카지노사이트 and is now 1-for-3 with a double, a home run, a home run, one RBI and one run scored in two games.

Lee joined LG in the second round (13th overall) of the 2020 Rookie Draft and was touted for his batting prowess from the time he joined the organization, but his inability to defend the infield prevented him from getting a chance with the first team. Last year, LG, desperate to win the Korean Series, made a trade that sent Lee to Kiwoom in exchange for starting pitcher Choi Won-tae, Kim Dong-gyu, and a first-round rookie pick.

Lee immediately realized his potential in Kiwoom.

Taking over for the injured Lee Jeong-hoo in center field, he batted .326 (70-for-215) with six home runs, 36 RBIs, 32 runs scored, three doubles, and an .897 OPS in 69 games, raising hopes for a full-time season.

Kiwoom joined the major leagues last winter when slugger Lee Jung-hoo signed a six-year, $113 million contract with San Francisco. The departure of Korea’s best hitter, who batted .344 (3476-for-1181) with 65 home runs, 515 RBIs, and an OPS of .898 in 884 KBO games, is a big blow for Kiwoom.

Lee Joo-hyung has taken on a huge responsibility to fill the void left by Lee. After hitting his first home run in a practice game, Lee said, “I went into my first at-bat with the idea of hitting the ball just like I do in batting practice before a game. I focused on timing and making contact, and the home run came. It was just a practice game, but I feel good that I got a good result and my balance is getting better and better. I’m looking forward to the next game,” he said after the game.

Lee, who is expected to play full-time for the first time since his professional debut, said, “With the introduction of the Automatic Ball Judgment System (ABS) this season, the strike zone has become more consistent, 메이저사이트 so creating my own zone will be a challenge for the rest of the season. I will swing boldly when I get into the strike zone and work on picking out pitches that are out of the zone,” he said of his remaining camp tasks.

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