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Esports World Cup LoL Participating Teams Revealed

MSI opens again?… Esports World Cup LoL participating teams revealed

Another Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) will be held this July.

The 2024 MSI held in Chengdu, China ended on the 19th with the victory of Gen.G Esports, the first seed of the domestic League of Legends Pro League LCK.

Just over a week later, good news was delivered to League of Legends esports fans. 파워볼

Teams that participated in MSI will face off once again at the Esports World Cup (EWC) to be held this summer in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian Esports Federation, which hosts EWC, announced the teams participating in the EWC League of Legends event through its official SNS on the 25th.

In the domestic league LCK, Gen.G Esports and T1 participate. Bilibili Gaming (BLG) and Top Esports (TES) will compete in the Chinese league’s LPL, and G2 Esports and Fnatic will compete in the European league’s LEC.

Team Liquid and FlyQuest will represent the North American LCS.

A total of eight teams are the teams that won the spring season and won second place in Korea, China, Europe, and North America, which are considered the four major regions of the League of Legends professional league.

Another rematch was achieved as teams with excellent results from each region participated in the recently concluded MSI.

In the last MSI, Gen.G won the championship and BLG took second place.

T1 lost to BLG and took 3rd place, and G2 took 4th place.

Fans are paying attention to whether this result will be overturned in a match that takes place once again after the summer season meta changes.

Meanwhile, EWC will open on July 3rd and run for a total of 8 weeks until August 25th, with a total of 19 participating sports.

EWC is an international competition that has further expanded the scale of the Gamers 8 competition that Saudi Arabia has held since 2022.

The total prize money will also be over $60 million (approximately 84 billion won), the largest ever paid out, exceeding Gamers 8’s highest prize of $45 million.

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